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Volunteers are an essential part of The Bell Tower. We are fortunate that we have an amazing group of people who travel to the Tower week in, week out to assist with the day to day activities and ring the historic bells, we could not function without them.

Our greatest area of volunteering is our essential bell ringers. It usually takes around six months to learn the basics of the art of Change Ringing, and most of this time is spent learning to control the bell. The skills required include co-ordination, a sense of rhythm (but not brute strength) and long-term commitment.

There is a great fellowship between change-ringers all over the world, and (with the exception of a handful of elite towers in England) visitors are always welcome to ring in other towers, no matter what their level of proficiency might be. Ringers who are planning to visit Perth are invited to contact the ringers at Bell Tower, using the contact page. A warm welcome is assured!

If you are interested to learn to ring and become a part of the worldwide fraternity of bellringers, please download the 'Learn to be a Bell Ringer' brochure and contact our Ringers below.

View the St Martin's Society Rules & bylaws 250319.

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“I didn’t realise there was so much to learn about bells.”

Michelle & Martin Lovett, Victoria

“It’s a really interesting musical instrument!”

Ryu Hyungsuk, South Korea

“We have nothing like this at home. With compliments to Perth for it.”

Ron & Jean Lawson, Canada