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10 Things You Need To Consider For An Outdoor Wedding

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10 Things You Need To Consider For An Outdoor Wedding

If you’re among the growing number of couples who are opting to celebrate their special union in the great outdoors, congratulations!   Whether you’re after rustic romance, country casual, easy elegance or vintage value – an outdoor wedding is a wonderful choice and it opens up so many opportunities to create a unique and memorable occasion.

However, Mother Nature always has some challenges up her sleeve, so if you’re considering a wedding venue that is ‘au naturel’, here are some important things to think about so that your special celebration is remembered for all the right reasons!

  1. Permit permission. Just because you’ve found the perfect beach or park to have your wedding reception, doesn’t mean it’s available (or free).  Always check with your local council if a permit is required, what rules and regulations apply, what payment is required and whether anyone else has booked the area.
  2. 2. Sharing public spaces.  If you’re planning an outdoor wedding at say a beach, picnic area or park, remember that these are public spaces and anyone can use them at any time, so be mindful about the likelihood that others will be sharing the area.   Choose your time and date carefully to avoid crowds.
  3. Have a back-up plan. With an outdoor wedding, there’s always the risk that bad weather may scupper the best-laid plans.   As hard as it is, you need to think about the worst case scenario and have a plan B.  This may be an indoor option or a marquee (some suppliers are happy just to take a holding deposit in case there’s a disaster).
  4. Consider how guests will get to and from the function. Many outdoor venues are off the beaten track, so you need to think about a practical transport plan.  You don’t want your guests traipsing for miles through the bush in their finery, so consider things like shuttle buses, motorised golf carts etc.
  5. Warn your guests about footwear. Your guests will appreciate some advance warning of the terrain so that they can make plans to protect their stilettos or wear more ‘lawn-friendly’ footwear.  You could also have shoe protectors on hand at the wedding itself for guests to help themselves.
  6. Be wind, wave and waterwise. The sound at many outdoor venues can be affected by blustery wind, crashing waves and gushing water features – so you need to consider all of these when planning your speeches, PA system, music etc.
  7. Bathroom bliss. Don’t let bad bathrooms, or worse still, a lack of toilet facilities, spoil your big day.  It’s really worth spending a bit extra on spending a penny – your guests (and you) will really appreciate it.
  8. Prepare for flying friends. An outdoor wedding carries the risk of irritating insects like mosquitoes and flies, so you’ll need to find ways of bug-proofing your venue such as insect repellent, fans and citronella candles.
  9. Consider the dirt factor. Amazing views and proximity to nature are two huge plusses about an outdoor wedding, but they come with the very real possibility that your dress will get dirty.  This may affect how it looks in your photographs and the cleaning of your gown – so it’s worth thinking about laying some kind of flooring down if you want to keep things pristine.
  10. Make sure your decor, catering choices and layout are appropriate. Heat, gusty winds, glaring sun, cold, dew and other factors all come into play when you plan a wedding in an outdoor venue.  For example, if the weather is going to be very hot, you need to plan your menu accordingly (avoid diary, seafood etc which could spoil).  If it’s likely to be windy, then billowing chiffon and lightweight glass vases aren’t the best idea.  The position of the sun is also an important consideration, as you don’t want the event (or your photos) marred by everyone having to squint and move around to avoid the glare.

Some other things to consider for an outdoor wedding include the need for security, valet parking if the site is a long way from the nearest road or parking lot, access to power (you may need generators) and possible additional costs for deliveries to venues that are off the beaten track – but with the right attention to detail and glorious mix of family, friends, food and drinks – there’s no doubt that an outdoor wedding can be the most special occasion ever.

One of the most unique small outdoor wedding venues in Perth is the Bell Tower with its sensational views across the Swan River and the city skyline.  Public transport makes for easy and convenient access and guests will be wowed by the manicured lawns, scenic gardens, picturesque fountains and water features.  To find out more about why the Bell Tower is one of the best Perth attractions and a popular choice for outdoor weddings, phone 08 6210 0444 to chat to their professional and experienced staff about planning your special occasion.


*image courtesy Deanna Whyte Photography