Free Entry for Open House Perth

The Bell Tower has signed up with Open House Perth and is offering free entry on Sunday 17 November 2019.

The Bell Tower is a unique building with the design consisting of a concrete structure, copper sheeting and a tall glass spire stretching to 82.5mts high. With the design inspiration reflecting the boating and sailing life on the Swan River.

Level 4 consists of a sound chamber that houses the 290-year-old bells from St. Martin-in-the-Fields and the new 6.5tonne ANZAC Bell. A spiral staircase and lift, takes you to all 6 levels, finishing on the Observation Deck, with views of the city and Swan River.

The Bell Tower is fully accessible to all levels via lift, or stairs. The closest ACROD Bay is located on Riverside Drive or Terrace Road car park. Tour guides and volunteer bell ringers working on the day are available to answer any questions and take photos. For those who have not yet visited, or have not been for a while, a visit to the Bell Tower, home of the Swan Bells, will give you a truly new perspective of our city. Don't miss this opportunity to visit an award-winning icon of Perth.

Whats on at the Bell Tower on Sunday 17 November:
- Witness the royal bells ring between 11.30am - 2.30pm. The talented team of volunteer bell ringers will be ringing the bells and walking through the Tower to answer any questions you may have.
- Play a song on the coin operated Carillon - choose from over 70 different songs.
- Enjoy the beautiful views from the level 6 Observation Deck.
- See the 6.5tonne ANZAC Bell. (It will ring at midday for 1 minute).
- Find the oldest Bell in Australia.
- Explore the unique architecture of the Bell Tower.
- Receive 10% off all merchandise.
Please note:
- Open House Perth is a 2 day event and the Bell Tower is offering free entry on Sunday 17 November only. The Bell Tower is still open on Saturday 16 November, entry fees apply.
- The Bell Tower kindly asks visitors to limit their visit to around 30 minutes. This will give everyone an opportunity to see the Bell Tower and ensure no one is waiting in line for too long.
- Take the stairs to explore all 6 levels, please reserve the lift for those who need it.
- Enjoy the day and take lots of happy photos! Remember to tag @thebelltowerperth and @openhouseperth in all social media posts and use the hashtags #thebelltowerperth #OpenHousePerth
For more information on Open House Perth please visit:

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“I didn’t realise there was so much to learn about bells.”

Michelle & Martin Lovett, Victoria

“It’s a really interesting musical instrument!”

Ryu Hyungsuk, South Korea

“We have nothing like this at home. With compliments to Perth for it.”

Ron & Jean Lawson, Canada