Love Locks start at only $30
with additional engraving and postage
incurring extra charges.

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Each line has a maximum of 16 characters.
The maximum number of lines is three on the front and three on the back.
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Have Love Lock Posted? ($5 to anywhere in Australia)

Please note: If postage option is not selected, then you
will be required to collect your Love Lock from
the Bell Tower Reception.

Step 1: Preferred payment method

Purchase of this product (The Bell Tower Love Lock) is subject to the following Terms & Conditions.

  1. The Bell Tower makes no warranties as to the longevity of your 'Love Lock'. The 'Love Lock' will be subject to the elements of weather and will age accordingly.
  2. The Bell Tower does not guarantee, nor is responsible for the maintenance or up keep of the 'Love Lock' and natural metal weather deterioration is to be expected.
  3. The Bell Tower is not liable and liability is excluded for any damage (or loss) caused to the 'Love Lock' by vandalism or external persons, whether deliberate or negligent.
  4. The Bell Tower takes no responsibility to replace or repair any 'Love Lock' damaged by weather or vandalism. The cost to replace a damaged or vandalised 'Love Lock' once the sale has been concluded and the 'Love Lock' attached to The Bell Tower is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.
  5. The Bell Tower reserves the right to move the 'Love Locks' project to another location within the Barrack Square precinct should it be deemed necessary.
  6. These Terms & Conditions does not affect, and is not intended to affect, any rights a consumer might have, which are not able to be excluded under applicable Australian consumer protection laws.
  7. If Love Lock has not been collected from the Bell Tower within 12 months of the date ordered, the lock will be added to the chain by a Bell Tower staff member and the photo and folder disposed of.
  8. Once your Love Lock is locked it is locked forever. We cannot replace locks that have been locked accidently.

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